१-२-३ के रूप में आसान

1) What is TeleDoc?

A) TeleDoc is a telemedicine platform designed to encourage social distancing among people in India. We also aim to protect doctors from exposing themselves to infected and/or abusive patients.

2) How does TeleDoc work?

A) Patients fill in a self-assessment questionnaire that is reviewed by a doctor and can video call doctors if required.

3) What are my responsibilities as a doctor?

A) Our doctors review assessments that patients have submitted and based on the responses from the patient, either close the case or proceed to a telemedicine consultation if the doctor wishes to learn more about the patient and their symptoms.

4) Do I get paid for my services?

A) TeleDoc is currently a non-profit venture designed as a response to COVID-19. However, we are planning to pay doctors in the future for consultations regarding other conditions.

5) How much do patients get charged?

A) Patients are currently not charged a fee since our COVID-19 response is a non-profit project. We will charge patients per consultation in the future, for conditions other than COVID-19.

6) What can I expect from TeleDoc after COVID-19?

A) We are expecting to roll out consultation rooms for patients for specialties such as Dermatology, Psychiatry, and other branches of medicine well suited for telemedicine. This will follow our COVID-19 response and priority will be given to doctors who have assisted with the COVID-19 response to list their services and charges on TeleDoc.

If you have any follow-up questions or would like to learn more about how TeleDoc operates, please email us on hello@teledoc.co.in.

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